ADVANTAGEStrengths of Oji measuring equipment

  • Biosensor

    The multifunctional biosensor BF series is the most suitable device for rapid quantification of bio-related compounds in the fields of fermentation, food, pharmaceuticals, and regenerative medicine.

  • Retardation measuring system

    The KOBRA series and PAM series are devices that measure optical retardation and optical axis (polarization azimuth, slow axis azimuth) both offline and online easily and fast.

  • Molecular Orientation Analyzer

    The molecular orientation analyzer MOA-8000 series is a device that evaluates the orientation of a sheet sample (dielectric) using a microwave cavity resonator.

BUSINESSOji measuring equipment business

Oji Measuring Instruments will
continue to open up new fields by fusing advanced technologies such as biotechnology, chemistry, electrochemistry, optics, and mechanical engineering .

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  • What's New

    • 2020.06.01

    • The website of Oji Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. has been renewed.

    • 2020.05.01

    • Started sales of MOA-8000 series of molecular orientation meters

    • 2020.04.01

    • Biosensor BF-9 is now on sale

  • Exhibition Information

    • 2021.10.29

    • 2021/11 / 8-10 JASIS 2021 Exhibition No.4A-604 Biosensor exhibition at Irie Co., Ltd. booth