Oji Scientific Instruments developed the biosensor which promptly measures the biochemical compound such as the saccharide and alcohol, moreover developed following instruments such as Dot Analyzer, Automatic Birefringence Analyzer, Molecular Orientation Analyzer, etc. The Dot Analyzer to show one's power over the grainy distribution measurement and the print evaluation are developed, and the Automatic Birefringence Analyzer by which birefringence index of a transparent film is measured at high speed are developed, and the Molecular Orientation Analyzer by which indispensable, for evaluated the high molecule physical properties higher-order, structural information was analyzed related to physics and chemical information had been developed. These unite the high technology like electricity, the machine, the chemistry, and information engineering, and pioneer a new area.
Hereafter, Oji Scientific Instruments will answer the demand in the age with a powerful progressing of a new technology.